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Intramural Sports

Recreational Sports and Fitness Services offers students, faculty and staff the opportunity to participate in many Intramural Sports and activities on a competitive and recreational level. All skill levels are welcome. There are over ten team sports with many special events and tournaments offered each year. All you need is your MSU ID Card and a registered team to participate. 

What is a Valid MSU Issued ID Card?

Attention MSU students and Intramural Sport participants! Eligible Intramural Sports participants MUST bring a valid MSU Issued ID Card to participate in any Recreational Sports and Fitness Services activity. To be considered VALID, the person's status with the University must be in good standing; all students must be currently enrolled and all fac/staff must be currently employed. Additionally, an MSU Issued ID Card must clearly show all pertinent information on the front (picture, name, PID number). If you have questions about the validity of your MSU Issued ID Card, please visit Room 170 in the International Center.

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